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Cloth Supplies

Below are links to suppliers of PVC , nylon, acrylic, Cotton duck, cotton, canvas, fabric, polyester, polyethylene as well as many other types of cloth.

PVC Suppliers

Miltons Farrari cloth
Flexible Reinforcements PVC for printing, statioary, Clear windows, Weavtop and bondweave.
Inustrial Sedo Pvc for Marquees and tarpaulin
Lows of Dundee General Pvc and stockets of Regentex
Vita Salford
Mehler Haku
Verseidas Indutex
Lothian Coated fabrics
Thom.H. van der Boon b.v.
Coating Applications

Canvas (cotton duck) Suppliers

British Millerain
Whaleys Bradford

Acrylic Cloth


Nylon and Polyester

Coating Applications
Frank Pine Ltd
River Tex




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