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Pvc Welding Equipment.

When making marquees there are two commen methods of joining pvc sheets together.

HF welding where radio waves are pased through the cloth in a simmilar fashion to a micro wave would cook food or Heat where hot air or a hot wedge melts the cloth then it is stuck together.

The "V" in PVC is for Vinyl.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a versatile polymer plastic that offers a strong, flexible, weather resistant, and attractive finish for fabrics used in signs, banner, tents, and transportation applications. PVC is a "thermoplastic" which means that it is highly suitable for welding.

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Suppliers of High Frequency Welders

High Frequency Welding After the vinyl thermoplastic molecules are excited (heated) by radio frequency waves, the materials are pressed together between a sealing bar and a bed plate. Sales of new and second hand mashines as well as repairs

Hot air PVC Welding

Hot Air Welding Air heated to over 400o F is directed precisely through a nozzle into the space between the fabrics to be joined. The heated pieces are then pressed together by a roller which follows the nozzle.
Welwyn Tools Co. Ltd

Wedge Welders for PVC

Wedge Welding Fabrics pass between spaces above and below a heated metal wedge as it is moved along the materials to be joined. The resulting heated materials are then pressed together by a trailing roller.

Solvent Welding (Room temperature.) Prior to being pressed, a chemical solvent is spread along the surfaces to be joined. After a brief waiting period during which the solvent has time to soften the vinyl coatings, the materials are pressed together and should be clamped for enough time for the two sides to weld.

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